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Hello there. I'm Just a cuber, otherwise known as Username: Username on the forums, I do stuff!

Cubing Interests

  • I like to either make methods (sometimes bad or good) and I like to experiment with methods.
  • I am also interested in the history of things such as old cubes, old solves and etc.
  • To become method neutral, I am currently method neutral(ish) with CFOP and ZZ, planning to practice Roux and Petrus a lot, Waterman is my favourite method, dunno if I want to switch to it tho :P (update: I have decided to not become fully method neutral, just between two methods or 3 like CFOP and ZZ or CFOP and Roux and etc, Since it is a waste of time.)
  • To compete in competitions, oof the 'ronas are still here.

My things

  • And some other stuff that I probably missed.
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