Talk:Hahn Method

I edited the number of steps to 4 because an x rotation hardly seems like a full step, and isn't even necessary (the last corners can be done on F). I also changed a bit of the steps description to make more sense. Sound good? -MiniGOINGS

More Analysis Required

More explanation needed. Specifically in the 'keyhole advanced' section. Is this just a single algorithm? If so, how many cases is it, what is the move count like etc? I think the proposer should do more analysis into the merits of the method, and should post something about it on the speedsolving forum to receive proper feedback. Until then it cannot really be classified as anything other than 'Experimental'.

Cride5 13:34, 22 July 2010 (UTC)

The move-count indicated in the infobox (45-60) is not backed up by any evidence whatsoever, and as a result was removed. Again, a proper analysis is required before this can be established.