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Gilles Roux
Gilles Roux.jpg
Gilles Roux in 2007
Background Information
Alias(es): grrroux
Country: France
Born: 20 January 1971 (age 50)
Years Active: 2004-2012, 2017
WCA ID: 2004ROUX01
Claim to Fame: Roux method

Gilles Roux (French pronunciation: [ʒil ʁu]) is a French cuber who is primarily well-known for inventing an efficient 3x3 method (the Roux method) and becoming very fast with it.

WCA Board Member

Gilles was a member of the WCA board from October 2004 until November 1 2008, when he retired due to lack of time. During his tenure, he was responsible for organizing several WCA competitions, and also acted as WCA delegate several times. He will still be available as a technical adviser for the WCA if needed.

Inventor of Roux method

Gilles invented his own method for solving the 3x3x3 cube, and found that despite using a small number of memorized algorithms it was quite efficient and fast. There is a tutorial for this method on Gilles's personal website. It is interesting to note that Gilles prefers not to call this method 'Roux', but just refers to it as the method he uses.

Official Results

In competition, Gilles has achieved a single solve of 10.06 seconds and an average of 5 of 14.48 seconds, and a Fewest Moves result of 31 moves, all with his own method.

Gilles won the Fewest Moves event (with a result of 31 moves) at the European Rubik's Cube Competition 2006, making him the 2006 European champion for fewest moves.


Continental Titles
Preceded by
Zbigniew Zborowski
3x3 Fewest Moves European Champion
Succeeded by
Gunnar Krig

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