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Very nicely done. I think this is a vast improvement. A couple of things: I feel Roux should be listed under speedsolving/FMC and for speedsolving big cubes BLD, you could link to Chris Hardwick's tutorial in the forum.

Thanks :)
I've added Chris's Big Cube tutorial as requested. With regards to Roux as an FM method, although it gets used in FM (along with Fridrich and others), was it actually designed as an FM method? Petrus and even more so Heise were specifically designed for fewest moves, but I wasn't aware that Gilles actually intended his method to be anything more than just efficient from a speedsolving perspective. I may be wrong tho.. discuss below...
Cride5 16:45, 29 August 2009 (UTC)
Well, when I see a method described under Speedsolving/FMC, I envision a method that is capable of being used in both situations successfully. Petrus and Heise are both great examples. I would also include Roux since Gilles Roux has had so much success in using it in competitions (maybe not as much lately). I speak of: Euro 2006, Belgium Open 2007, French Open 2008, Nantes Open 2008, his other example on his web page, and the solution he provided here ( (sorry don't know how to link to single posts). I don't feel the intention in the design of the method should have anything to do with classifying it as Speedsolving/FMC. Others could feel differently. For that matter, do you have a link to where Lars claims his method was designed for Speedsolving and FMC. From his webpage I found no such direct statement, though he does claim he uses it in FMC contests.
I still want to emphasize the excellent work you have done. I feel this makes the other methods pages obsolete, and we should concentrate on improving the content of each method and the number of external links. Format could be improved to be more appealing to the eye, but the content is excellent.
Dirk BerGuRK 11:10, 4 September 2009 (UTC)
I can see what you mean about the FMC method issue, I've made a post on the forum, see what other folk think. With regards the other method pages, I deffo think there's still a place for them. After all, each method page describes the method(s) in detail, which is not the goal of the method list. There is a repetition of information in the External Links column, and the External Links section of each method page. It could be resolved by removing that column from the table so that users would need to click on the method page to access all info/external links .. would this be a good idea?
We also need to be careful about repetition of info within the method pages themselves. For example, there are generic pages such as 3x3x3 Speedsolving Methods, describing how each method works. Then there are the more specific pages such as ZZ or Fridrich which describe the method in detail. I think these pages all need to exist, but the information on each method in the higher level pages should be kept concise and and minimal (in the style of a dictionary definition perhaps).
-- Cride5 15:37, 4 September 2009 (UTC)
I see what you mean with the repetition of external links, and I agree that removing the external links from the complete methods list would be a good idea. No need to do it twice. However, some information could be lost, such as the external links that do not have a specific wiki page for them yet. Perhaps delete the external links to methods that already have specific pages and keep the others until pages are made for those methods?
With regard to the repetition from page to page, I agree that specific method pages need to exist; however, I don't quite know how I feel about pages such as 3x3x3 Speedsolving Methods. Since the information provided on these pages is so brief, could they be included in the complete methods list. I realize this could amount to a large volume of work which I could help, but do you feel it is completely necessary to have pages like this? This also might make the complete methods list more cumbersome, but would alleviate a great deal of repetition. Perhaps this should also be discussed on the forum.
Dirk BerGuRK 16:00, 4 September 2009 (UTC)
Major updates on all method pages, making extensive use of categories to organise them. All external links now belong on individual method pages. Cride5 23:56, 9 September 2009 (UTC)