Talk:Advanced techniques for Roux

Feel free to delete this or merge with an advanced CFOP page (which doesn't exist but I've seen to be linked to from other articles). I just thought it'd be nice to document some advanced techniques in the Roux method.

Also, I am not experienced in writing wiki articles so I apologise for my shabby uh... ya no.. grammar and ways of saying stuff. -5BLD

If this Advanced Roux Techniques page is to exist, a section on LSE tricks would be great. But, there's a difference between not orienting the centers early and taking advantage of a new center orientation after you've seen the edges. The beginning of your section describes the former, while your image shows the latter.--Athefre 13:58, 24 December 2011 (EST)

Yes. You're right. The reason I've 'merged' it is simply because I'm slowly building each section up. Of course I personally have a love of LSE tricks so I will slowly separate the section into larger chunks and write my discoveries in more detail, if that made sense. --5BLD