Swap Stickers method

Swap Stickers method
File:Swap stickers.png
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Many
Proposed: 1980s
Alt Names: Peel the stickers off
  • Reassemble Method
  • Resticker Method
  • Paint Method
  • "Buy a New Cube" Method
No. Steps: 1-4
No. Algs: 0
Avg Moves: 0 minimum
Purpose(s): Solving

The Swap Stickers Method is a 3x3 solving method used by many non-cubers. It requires no algorithms, and is very easy to learn. Some cubes, such as tiled cubes and stickerless cubes, are not suitable for the method; it is best to use this on a cube with thin stickers.


  1. Rearrange the stickers so that one side is of the same color: This is quite an easy step, however some use of the table may be required to place the stickers. It is fastest to start on a side somewhat completed. Use your inspection time to find as many stickers of the same color as you can.
  2. Complete another side, again with all the same color: It is a good idea to choose a side which has a lot of stickers removed, as this means you spend less time taking stickers off.
  3. Repeat until two sides are unsolved.
  4. Solve the last two sides: To speed this process up, attempt to take off two stickers at a time, one from each side.


  • This method requires no algorithms or commutators, and is quite easy to pick up.
  • You can plan quite far ahead during inspection.
  • The quality of the cube's turning does not affect the solve.


  • This method is not allowed in official WCA competitions.
  • Sticker peeling and placing can damage the stickers, and leave a lot of residue and bumps.
  • There are many rotations needed.
  • This method gives little confidence to the solver and does not impress others because it is not a "true" solve.


  • Reassemble Method: This method involves taking pieces out and placing them next to the correct centers. The efficiency of this method depends a lot on the cube.
  • Resticker Method: This method involves taking the stickers off, and then replacing them with new stickers. A pro of this method is that it is much easier to find the stickers to place on the pieces. You can also place new stickers without taking the older ones off, but they will need to be placed carefully so that they cover the old stickers.
  • Paint Method: This method involves taking the stickers off, and then painting the cube. You can also paint it without taking the stickers off.
  • "Buy a New Cube" Method: This method involves throwing away the cube (or trying to burn it) and buying a new cube, which is already solved. You may also not throw the cube away and give it to someone as a present.

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