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The Rubik Studio Cube is a 3x3x3 manufactured by Rubik's Studio in Hungary. It shares many similarities with the original cubes manufactured in the 1980s, such as vinyl stickers (unlike the laminated paper stickers used on Rubik's Cubes in the 1990s/2000s) and flat centers (as opposed to the arched centers found on later cubes). The center caps are also removable to allow access to the adjustable screws, although initial removal may be difficult.

From around 2003 Ton Dennenbroek had a special arrangement to make the Studio Cube available to the speedcube community. He sold them for around $24.[1]

Purchase price is variable, about $20 on eBay in 2007, and about $15.49 plus shipping in 2010. The higher than average price can be attributed to the low numbers of cubes produced per year, hand assembly, and labour costs, all in comparison to Asian manufacturers.

Opinions about its suitability for speedsolving varied, although generally it was not a preferred cube due to the flat centres (more prone to pops), required break-in, and possible modifications required (replacements of springs, screws, and possibly the core).

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