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The Sexy move, is a four turn trigger, most often something like R U R' U' but any sides may be used for the same sequence.

As a stand alone algorithm it has not much use but with a set up move or a few it becomes algs (conjugates). The shortest LL alg of them all is done like so using F for setup; F (R U R' U') F' (for F2L 9).

Not alg related

Arnaud likes the sexy move

In April 2008 Arnaud van Galen released a series of excellent YouTube videos entitled "Complete beginners 3x3x3 tutorial" within which he coined the phrase "Sexy Move" to describe the often-used R U R' U' trigger.

Techno MP3 track

In November '08 member a small kitten posted a link to "The Sexy Move Remix", a techno MP3 track created by Vaughn Sulit featuring quotes from Arnaud's tutorial. This was soon followed by an accompanying YouTube video and a StepMania track both celebrating the Sexy Move.

Whilst the sexiness of the R U R' U' trigger may be disputed, the brilliance of the term may not!

 I just use... 
 Sexy Move... 
 All you need... 
 Is the Sexy Move... 
 I just use... 
 Sexy Move... 
 Again and again and again.

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