Sandwich Method

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Sandwich method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Nicholas Ho
Proposed: August 2007-present
Alt Names: none
Variants: none
No. Steps: 8
No. Algs: unknown
Avg Moves: ~140

The Sandwich Method is a Cage variation based on Denny Dedmore's solution. Although the method was originally designed for big cubes, it can also be used to solve the 3x3, though it is just a CF method for the 3x3 version.


  1. First 2 centers
  2. Corners (any method)
  3. 3 dedges on L after a z rotation
  4. z2 rotation, 4 dedges on current L face
  5. Last dedge of the outside layers
  6. Bottom 2 dedges (on M)
  7. Last 2 dedges (on M)
  8. Last 4 centers

Heavy center control at times during steps 6 and 7 are used (using different algorithms or other tricks), and Rachmaninovian currently uses a centers system that produces a ~4 look average.

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Java is needed to see his cube applets. (Firefox users can use a 32 bit version to run Java.)