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Proposer(s): Unknown
Proposed: Unknown
Alt Names: none
Variants: Summer Variation
No. Algs: 378 (189 excluding mirrors)
Avg Moves: Unknown
Previous state: SV setup cube state
Next state: LL:EO+CO+CP cube state

SV setup cube state -> SVCP step -> LL:EO+CO+CP cube state

The SVCP step is the step between the SV setup cube state and the LL:EO+CO+CP cube state.

Summer Variation Corners Permute, abbreviated as SVCP, is a subset of CLP used for orienting and permuting the last layer corners during insertion of the final F2L slot while preserving Edge Orientation.

WVCP may only be used in last slot cases where the final corner-edge pair are in the R U R' case in the U-Layer. In the R U' R' case, WVCP can be applied. After using SVCP, all the corner pieces will be correctly oriented and permuted in the last layer.

There are 189 SVCP algorithms total(excluding mirrors), one for each combination of corner orientation and permutations.

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