SOAP Method

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SOAP method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Justin Jaffray
Proposed: 2009
Alt Names: none
Variants: SS
No. Steps: 3
No. Algs: 58 Total
53 Orientation
Avg Moves: 18

The SOAP Method is a 2x2 speedsolving method invented by Justin Jaffray in 2009. The letters stand for Separate, Orient All, Permute. There are three steps. First, separate two opposite colours into opposite layers and build half a face on the bottom. Next, orient the all pieces using one of 53 algorithms. Finally, permute both layers. (PBL).

It is possible to perform all of the orientation algs 2-gen, although many of them are not optimal. A unique property of this method is that when using 2-gen algs, it becomes very easy to predict the PBL, which means that you can often solve the cube in 1 look.

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