SLS (Shadowslice Last Slot)

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SLS (Shadowslice Last Slot)
Proposer(s): Joseph Briggs (shadowslice e)
Proposed: 2015
Alt Names: none
No. Algs: 23
Avg Moves: 5

This is a substep/algorithm set primarily used with SSC (Shadowslice Snow Columns) though it may be useful for some 2x2 methods such as VOP or Ortega and has some applications in FMC. On a 3x3, it orients the corners in the last layer and the FR corner while placing the FR edge. The name, Shadowslice Last Slot may be something of a misnomer when it is applied to 3x3 as it not a pure last slot method as it does not place a final pair or finish F2L but merely places the final edge and orients the last 5 corners. It may even destroy the F2L in many cases but has a much lower movecount as a result.


  • low movecount
  • relatively small alg set.


  • fairly specialised algorithm set so not much transferability though only really on 3x3.

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