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Proposer(s): ?
Proposed: 2018(?)
Alt Names:
No. Algs: 324, 162 for SBC Prime, and 162 for SBC
Avg Moves: SBC Prime: 9.5
Previous state: First 2 Blocks -1 cube state
Next state: LSE cube state

First 2 Blocks -1 cube state -> SBC step -> LSE cube state

The SBC step is the step between the First 2 Blocks -1 cube state and the LSE cube state.

SBC (short for Second Block CMLL) is an algorithm set that solves the last slot while doing CMLL. There are two types of SBC, SBC Prime and SBC. SBC Prime is when the insert the world normal be done would be R U' R'. SBC is where the insert would normally be R U R'. The Algorithm set is 324 algorithms, which is still less than VLS and ZBLL. This substep is meant to be used in Roux, but also could be used in CFCE if the algorithms don't affect the DF and DB edges.


SBC Prime by Anthony Russo