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Roux method.gif
Proposer(s): Gilles Roux
Proposed: 2003
Alt Names: none
Variants: Pinky pie,
No. Algs: 42
Avg Moves: 10.95 HTM (Kian's speed-optimal CMLLs)

Solving of corner orientation and permutation, without regard to the M-slice edges or U layer corners. This is Step 3 of the Roux Method. Similar to CLL. It will always have a lower movecount than COLL.

Possible improvements

One suggestion for improving this step is to use it in order to influence the orientation or permutation of edges in LSE (in particular avoiding 6-flips and encouraging EO skips or Arrow cases).

One suggestion for how to do this is Pinkie Pie or BLS (though this is not for the Roux method)

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