Oriented LS

Oriented LS
Proposer(s): Jabari Nuruddin
Proposed: 2015
Alt Names:
No. Algs: 16
Avg Moves: 10.44 HTM/STM
Purpose(s): Speedsolving
Previous state: F2L-1 cube state
Next state: PLL

F2L-1 cube state -> Oriented LS step -> PLL

The Oriented LS step is the step between the F2L-1 cube state and the PLL.

Oriented LS (short for Oriented Last Slot, not to be confused with OLS) is a 3x3x3 speedsolving substep to simultaneously solve the last F2L pair and orient the last layer edges and corners when all pieces in the top layer are currently oriented, apart from the corner-edge F2L pair (see image).

The subset was put together by Jabari Nuruddin in 2015 and posted on the SpeedSolving Forums along with his other algorithm lists.

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