Oliver Frost

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Oliver Frost
Oliver Frost in !
Background Information
Country: United Kingdom
Years Active: 2012-present
WCA ID: 2012FROS01
Claim to Fame: 4BLD and 5BLD world records

Oliver Frost is a British speedcuber who is the former world record holder for 4BLD and 5BLD.


At Oxford Open 2014, he set his first world record in 4x4 blindfolded with a time of 2:30.47, beating the former world record, held by Marcell Endrey, by a few deciseconds. At Welcome To Cambridge 2014, he broke the 5x5 blindfolded world record with a time of 5:56.56, being the first person to get a sub 6 minute time. At ABHC 2014, he broke his own WR in 4BLD with a time of 2:25.27. He did this again at Cuthberts Open 2014, getting a time of 2:18.65.

He has set UK national records in 3BLD single + average and Multiple Blindfolded, with times of 30.89, 42.96 and 25/27 58:53 respectively.