Ofapel method

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Ofapel method
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Information about the method
Proposer(s): Guillaume Erbibou
Proposed: ~2015
Alt Names: none
No. Steps:
No. Algs:
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The Ofapel Method is a "universal method" proposed by Guillaume Erbibou. It is considered universal in the sense that the 3x3x3 algs are the base for the 4x4x4 resolution which is the base for the 5x5x5 and so on. This method relates more and more on your understanding of the cube structure as you solve bigger cubes. For size beyond 5x5x5, you need to adapt all the algs learned from the smaller cube solves.


  • Relatively small number of algs to memorize
  • Avoid the common pairing problem related to reduction method
  • Provide a way to step up from solving a n cube to n+1 cube (i.e. learning 3x3x3 method is the base to 4x4x4, ...)


  • Not very efficient as a speedcubing method
  • As the cube size increase, it relates more on reasoning during the solve than memorizing

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