Obli Method

Obli Method is a speedsolving 4x4 method created by Alex Yang (Silver). It is a Yau and Hoya variant of Petrus.

The Steps

There are many different kinds of style to his method.

  • 1. Build a 3x3 Block

A. 3-centers first

- 1a. Solve 3 centers that are adjacent to each other. (Red, White, and Green for example)

- 2a. Create and solve the edges for those centers, creating a 3x3 block. ^(red-green edge, red-white edge, and green-white edge for example)

B. Virus Style

- 1b. Solve 2 centers adjacent to each other and an edge with it. (Red & White center plus red-white edge for example)

- 2b. Solve another adjacent center and 2 edges, making a 3x3 block.

  • 2. Build a 3x3x4 Block
  • 3. Solve remaining cross edge and last two centers

A. Yau Style

- 1a. Solve the last two centers

- 2a. Solve the last cross edge

B. Hoya Style

- 1a. Solve the last cross edge and preserve

- 2a. Solve the last two centers as well as solving the last cross edge

  • 4. Edge Pairing
  • 5. Solve like a 3x3 with Cross and 2 F2L Pairs solved


  • Could take Fewer Moves
  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency
  • Transitioning Edge Pairing to 3x3 Solving


  • Very Hard Lookahead to Blockbuild