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The Nederlandse Kubus Club (Dutch Cubist Club) is a puzzle society located in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1981, originally for Rubik's Cube solvers. For many years it was known for its Cubism For Fun newsletter which dealt with all kinds of mechanical puzzles.


The Nederlandse Kubus Club was founded in 1981 by Anneke Treep and Just van Rossum. It began as a club for Rubik's Cube solvers, and was similar to clubs founded that year in many other countries. Its membership quickly surpassed 100 and included the fastest Dutch speedcubers such as Marc Waterman and Guus Razoux Schultz.

However once the Cube Craze was over the club lost most of its membership declining at one point to just 13 members. However unlike Cubing clubs elsewhere which disappeared, the Nederlandse Kubus Club reinvented itself to focus on mechanical puzzles more generally. This step had a big impact, and by the year 2000 the club had about 400 members in 35 countries.[1]

Cubism For Fun

The Cubism For Fun (CFF) newsletter is the publication of the society. The first 13 issues in the early 1980s were written in Dutch, but the later issues (1987 onwards) were written in English. The newsletter dealt with all kinds of (mainly) mechanical puzzles, like polyform puzzles, sliding puzzles, rotational puzzles, burrs etc, although Rubik's cubes were never entirely forgotten. The articles were written by the members, and the newsletter typically appeared three times each year. Issue number 89 was distributed in November 2012.

Dutch Cube Day

Each year (usually in October) the club sponsored a "Cube Day" (Kubusdag) in the Netherlands where members would meet, talks on various puzzle-subjects given, and puzzles were exchanged and sold.[2]

Recent activity

In the 2010s, under the control of Rik van Grol, the society continues to issue newsletters, with only a minimal internet presence. However, Dutch Cube Day still takes place, coinciding with the Dutch Open speedcubing competition.

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