Mirek Goljan

Mirek Goljan
Mirek Goljan
Background Information
Alias(es): Miroslav Goljan
Country: Czech Republic
Born: c. 1960 (age 58–59)
Years Active:
WCA ID: 2003GOLJ01
Claim to Fame: Fewest Moves WR

Mirek Goljan (also Miroslav Goljan) is a Czech-American speedcuber famous for early world records and title in Fewest Moves. Mirek is a professional colleague of fellow Czech speedcuber Jessica Fridrich at SUNY Binghamton University. In the late 90s, he helped her generate some of the algorithms she published for the CFOP Method.

He was one of five finalists in the Czechoslovakian Rubik's Cube championship in May 1982, along with Fridrich. Fridrich won the first and second rounds and Goljan won the last third round, but it was Fridrich's second round time of 23.55 seconds which won Fridrich first place, and a chance to attend the 1982 World Championship.[1]

He studied at SUNY Binghamton University in the 1990's (Fridrich was his PhD advisor).[2] The collections of various algorithms he developed are ones for "Swapping two edges and two corners"; "Swapping two and two edges"; "Twisting and moving corners and edges in one layer"; and also a catalogue of "Pretty patterns".[3]

When Katsuyuki Konishi met him for the first time at World Championship 2003, he described Goljan as "a very quiet person: I felt the magnificence of Fewest Moves in his quietness." (とても静かな方で、Fewest Movesの凄さをその静けさの中に感じました).[4]


World Titles
Preceded by
3x3 Fewest Moves World Champion
Succeeded by
Lars Petrus