Manuel Galrinho

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Manuel Moura Galrinho
Background Information
Country: Portugal
Born: c. 1958 (age 62–63)
Years Active: 1982
WCA ID: 1982GALR01
Claim to Fame: 1982 Portuguese Champion

Manuel Galrinho was a Portuguese speedcuber. In 1982 he won the Portuguese Cubing Championship, and finished sixteenth in the World Championship.

Galrinho comes from Setubal in Portugal. In 1982 he was 24 years old and teaching philosophy. In 1982 he was the winner of the first Portuguese Rubik's Cube championship with a time of 25.80 seconds. At the first World Rubik's Cube Championship 1982 in Budapest (5 June) he finished in sixteenth place with a best time (in round 3) of 37.11 seconds.[1]

Galrinho has a degree in philosophy and is a professor of Philosophy and Psychology of Secondary Education.[2] He has been practising aikido since 1977 and became a "6 dan" in 2008.[3] He is an aikido teacher, and he is also a "Butô" dancer and choreographer.[4] In 2013 he created the "deaidance project", a dance project developed from the study of aikido and other oriental arts.[5] He is an expert photographer, and many of his photos can be found online. He is also a violin maker.[6]

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