Lucas Winter

Lucas Winter
Background Information
Alias(es): cubacca1972
Country: Canada
Born: 1972 (age 46–47)
Years Active: 2003-2005
WCA ID: 2003WINT01
Claim to Fame: Winter Variation

Lucas Winter is a Canadian speedcuber known as the inventor of the Winter Variation for orienting the last layer corners during insertion of the final F2L slot.

He has only attended one official tournament: at the World Rubik's Games Championship 2003 he finished in 68th place in the 3x3 competition with a best time of 1 minute 5.51 secs.

In 2005 he developed his set of algorithms which he called the Winter Variation. He originally developed it as a variation on the Petrus Method, to be used "after you have completed step 3 in Lars Petrus's method (twisting the edges)."[1] More generally it is now used in conjunction with methods in which the last layer edges are already oriented before insertion of the final F2L block, such as ZZ or Petrus.

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