LingAo is a twisty puzzle producer that makes 2D puzzles such as the Rubik's Clock and Rubik's Magic. They do not produce any other kinds of twisty puzzles. Mainly known for their clock, as it's the only one that is still being produced (Rubik's and CubeTwist versions also exist, but are no longer made by their respective companies).


LingAo puzzles are sold at many cube shops, including,, and While they are not as well known as companies such as GAN or MoYu, they are known by many clock solvers. Their clock is thought of as worse than Rubik's, but some do disagree. LingAo has 4 different Magics (one discontinued) and one clock.

LingAo Magic Clock

LingAo's only clock. When setting up, magnets are often highly recommended to help compensate for the terrible quality of the pins. Ones that have been set up well often have duct tape around the sides to hold it together, as to lubricate the puzzle it must be pried open (and therefore broken). Comes in one color (blue).

LingAo Magic

The traditional Magic puzzle, but made by LingAo. Comes with replacement string in case of breakage of the main one (which is very common). Some people said to avoid this, you had to "break in" the strings by using a slower method. Comes in black and red, however black is discontinued.

LingAo Master Magic

A magic puzzle involving 5 rings, as opposed to the traditional 3. Strings are reported to break easily. Comes in black.

LingAo Mini Magic

A smaller version of the LingAo Magic puzzle. Strings are said to come out of line very easily, as well as break. Comes in red and black versions

LingAo 20-Panel Magic

A 20 panel magic puzzle, as opposed to the 8 panel one. Said to break extremely quickly. Currently discontinued. Came in black.