Kian Mansour

Kian Mansour
Kian Mansour in 2016
Background Information
Country: Canada
Years Active: 2015-Present
WCA ID: 2015MANS03
Claim to Fame: Fastest Roux solver

Kian Mansour is a competitive Canadian cuber. He is known for his use and development of the Roux method. He is officially the second fastest Roux solver after achieving a 6.52 average at the Pickering Spring 2018 Competition. He achieved first place in the first round of the World Rubik's Cube Championship 2017 with an average of 6.86 seconds, but blundered in the second round at 92nd place due to a counting 12, therefore not moving on to semifinals. Kian broke the one-handed world record average with a result of 9.54 seconds at the National Capital Region 2018 competition in May 2018.

Kian's main events are 3x3 and OH. His YouTube channel has videos on solves, guides, tutorials, and tips for the Roux method. His contributions to Roux include the development of speed-optimal CMLL algorithms, block tricks, and LSE tricks such as EOLR. All of his work can be accessed on his YouTube channel and his website: Kian's Roux Guide.

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