Kalina Brzezińska

Kalina Brzezińska
Kalina Brzezińska.jpg
Kalina Brzezińska in 2011
Background Information
Alias(es): Mitnight
Country: Poland
Born: c. 1994 (age 24–25)
Years Active: 2009-present
WCA ID: 2009BRZE01
Claim to Fame:

Kalina Brzezińska is a Polish speedcuber. She is one of the fastest cubers in her native Poland. She has achieved a best time of 7.77 seconds for the Rubik's Cube at a tournament in 2016. Her strongest event is probably the Megaminx in which she won five Polish tournaments in 2014. She also won several Rubik's Magic contests in 2011-12.

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