József Borsos

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József Borsos
Background Information
Country: Yugoslavia
Born: c. 1966 (age 55–56)
Years Active: 1982
WCA ID: 1982BORS01
Claim to Fame: 1982 Yugoslavian Champion

József Borsos was a Yugoslavian (Serbian) speedcuber who represented Yugoslavia at the 1982 World Rubik's Cube Championship.

Borsos had won the Yugoslavian national championship with a best time of 28 seconds. At the World Rubik's Cube Championship 1982 he finished in 13th position with a best time of 30.02 seconds. David Singmaster, who was one of the judges of the competition, seems to have struggled to learn anything about him, failing to record his age or home-town. He also states "I asked all the contestants what algorithm they used. Borsos' algorithm was unclear to me."[1]

A speaker of Serbian/Croatian, Borsos is also fluent in Hungarian. He currently lives in Szeged, Hungary, and works in computing.[2]

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