Haiyan Zhuang

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Haiyan Zhuang (庄海燕)
Haiyan Zhuang (庄海燕) in !
Background Information
Country: China
Born: ! (age !)
Occupation(s): IBM programmer
Years Active: 2008-2010
WCA ID: 2008ZHUA01
Claim to Fame: 3x3 BLD WRs

Haiyan Zhuang is a Chinese speedcuber. He broke the 3x3 BLD world record 6 times between 2009 and 2010, improving it from 48.05 to 30.94. From 1 September 2010, the WCA suspended him for 3 years for his antagonistic behavior.

The aftermath of the controversy led to the formation in 2010 of the CCA, where Haiyan was an honorary president. The CCA has since been disbanded.

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