Giuseppe Romeo

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Giuseppe Romeo
Background Information
Country: Italy
Born: c. 1966 (age 54–55)
Years Active: 1982
WCA ID: 1982ROME01
Claim to Fame: 1982 Italian Champion

Giuseppe Romeo was an Italian speedcuber. In 1982 he won the Italian Cubing Championship, and finished ninth in the World Championship.

In 1982 he was a 16-year-old student from Rome. The first Italian Championship took place in Milan at the Press Club (circolo della stampa), May 8 1982, a month before the World Championship.[1] Romeo won after three rounds with a best time of 26 seconds.

At the first World Rubik's Cube Championship 1982 in Budapest (5 June) he finished in ninth place with a best time (in round 3) of 28.11 seconds.[2] David Singmaster notes that in round 1 his cube popped three times but he reinserted the piece each time and carried on (achieving a time of 34.23 seconds). Had he stopped, he would have been given an extra trial.[3] Jessica Fridrich later said that she thought Romeo "was the fastest among us - judging from practising behind the curtain". However the tournament cubes "were really hard to turn" which favoured those using methods with fewer moves.[4]