Geir Ugelstad

Geir Ugelstad
Geir Ugelstad
Background Information
Country: Norway
Years Active: 1998?-2006
WCA ID: 2005UGEL01
Claim to Fame: first 3x3 multi-BLD

Geir Ugelstad is a Norwegian cuber. He was the first person to officially (pre-WCA) solve 2 and 3 Rubik's Cube blindfolded, both in 1998. He used a speedBLD method.

Although he attended World Championship 2003 in Toronto, Canada, he decided not to compete in 3x3 blindfolded after finding out that the memorization time was counted. At World Championship 2005 in Orlando, Florida, he demonstrated speedBlind using Fridrich on stage, solving in a little over 20 seconds.

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