Gaétan Guimond

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Gaétan Guimond
Gaétan Guimond in !
Background Information
Alias(es): rubiks99
Country: Canada
Born: ! (age !)
Occupation(s): !
Years Active: 1980s-present
WCA ID: [1]
Claim to Fame: Guimond Method

Gaétan Guimond is a Canadian-French speedcuber from Montreal, Quebec. He is best known for his mysterious videos with footages from "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly," his broken English (he is a native French speaker), and his claim that "[his] name is nobody." His posts on the Speedsolving Forums are frequently followed by the reply, "I love you."

He invented the Guimond Method for 2x2.

Gaétan claims to be the first human to have solved a cube blindfolded. However, this claim is disputed.

Sample Quotes

  • "Genial or not does'nt matter to me. The best of those who have revived the cube. His return is synonymous with competition." [2]
  • "My mon told me the same thing. I am interested in the cube when he lost his popularity. The passion and probably not fashionable." [3]
  • Subject: "Died time cube" Message: "I made no competition. No media not recognized me outside of my area because of the old cube still active have not said anything about my story. I enjoy helping to revive the cube. I'm too frustrated to get the recognition but the only way was to be an original and very competitive on tv show." [4]
  • "Not Guimmoind but Guimond" [5]
  • Subject: "poducer and cube" Message: "You're right, the producer want the speed and above all originality. That is the reason why the cube was in shadow before me. I am the dark side of the cube" [6]
  • "Cubing's DANGEROUS, Yo. [YouTube link] absolutly" [7]
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