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Frans Schiereck
Background Information
Country: Netherlands
Years Active: 1981-1986
WCA ID: [1]
Claim to Fame: Slice move notation

Frans Schiereck is a Dutch cuber, a best-selling author of Dutch-language cubing books, and the inventor of the slice move notation (M, E, and S). He is also an expert Bridge player.[2]


His 1981 book De Hongaarse Kubus! (The Hungarian Cube!) was a Dutch bestseller which outlined the basics of solving the Rubik's Cube layer by layer. In another book he is said to have outlined an early form of the CFOP method as developed by Anneke Treep and Kurt Dockhorn in 1981.[3]

Slice move notation

According to the testimony of Anneke Treep and Marc Waterman, the modern notation for recording Slice moves was invented by Frans Schiereck in the early 1980s:

In our articles we often use slice and cube moves. There are many ways to represent these moves, and we use the slice notation as first used by Frans Schiereck. [We] introduce the moves E[quator), M(iddle) and S(tanding). ... Singmaster's notation does not include central layer moves; instead he moves the outer faces. Our extended notation is Singmaster's with the moves M, E, S added.[4]


Frans Schiereck was author of the following Dutch language books:

  • De Hongaarse Kubus! (1981) [The Hungarian Cube!]
  • De Hongaarse Kubus Deel 2 (1981) [The Hungarian Cube Part 2]
  • De Hongaarse Kubus Voor Beginners (1981) [The Hungarian Cube for Beginners]
  • De Hongaarse Kubus Voor Gevorderden (1981) [The Hungarian Cube for Experts]
  • De Hongaarse Kubus Voor Doordraaiers (1981) [The Hungarian Cube for the Twisted]
  • Peperbus en Piramide (1981) [Pepperpot (ie. Barrel Cube) and Pyramid]
  • Rubik's Tweede Kwelling (1986) [Rubiks Second Torture] - A book on Rubik's Magic. It was republished as De Tweede Hongaarse Kwelling [The Second Hungarian Torture] because "Rubik" was trademarked.

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