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A Fisher cube is a 3x3 cube, invented by Tony Fisher, that has been rotated on one axis rotated 45 degrees internally, known as fishering. Four of the sides have center orientation, as the centers on those sides are now in the place of edges. The edges on those four sides have no particular orientation. Many different twisty puzzles have been fishered, such as the 4x4 cube, the Skewb, and some cuboids.

Frozen Cuber, a 7x Guinness World Record holder from Malaysia currently holds multiple UWRs/WBs (Unofficial World Records/ World Bests) for the Fisher Cube event, with the following to name a few.

Event Format Result Name Country Result Details Videos Discussion
Fisher Cube single 9.80 Frozen Cuber Malaysia Sune + PLL skip
mo3 15.27 Frozen Cuber Malaysia
avg5 17.19 Frozen Cuber Malaysia Explanation vid available via link [1]
avg12 18.31 Frozen Cuber Malaysia
avg50 19.21 Frozen Cuber Malaysia
avg100 19.28 Frozen Cuber Malaysia
avg1000 22.12 Frozen Cuber Malaysia

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