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Founded: unknown
Location: China
Years Active:
Areas served: Worldwide
Website: []

Fangshi is a Chinese puzzle brand.

Fangshi ShiShuang 2x2

Fangshi XingYu 2x2

Fangshi ShuangRen 3x3

Regarded as an excellent cube on its first release. It has a very unique feeling during first turns, and becomes very smooth and fast after breaking in. It has a practical anti-pop system, and will only pop on very loose tensions. However, the sticker quality is poor, as the stickers chip very easily, and the orange and green stickers are quite dull. The caps on the pieces also fly off if the cube is dropped, meaning the cube is very delicate. The ShuangRen has since been released in new sizes, and some cube retailers offer it in numerous colour combinations.

Fangshi ShuangRen V2 3x3

FangShi GuangYing

FangShi JieYun