Dane Christianson

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Dane Christianson
Dane Christianson
Background Information
Alias(es): Insadane
Country: United States
Occupation(s): President of Moving Parts, L.L.C. and Student at the Illinois Institute of Technology
Years Active: 2008?-present
WCA ID: 2016CHRI04
Claim to Fame: The X-Cube

Dane Christianson is a speedcuber and twisty puzzle designer. He is most famous for the creation of The X-Cube puzzle, which is an X-shaped (when solved), shapeshifting mutation of a Rubik's cube. Christianson is also the founder of Moving Parts, L.L.C., which is the brand The X-Cube was released under.


  • Despite being a cuber since, at latest, 2008, Christianson never went to an official competition until 2016

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