Corner cutting

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Corner cutting is the ability for a puzzle to turn when the layers of the cube are misaligned. Corner cutting is generally considered one of the most important aspects of a speedcube, as good corner cutting helps prevent puzzles from locking up during solves. In 2x2x2 and 3x3x3 speedcubes, corner-cutting of 45 degrees or more is generally considered good.

How to fix corner-cutting

The issue that a puzzle does not corner-cut well is from 2 main reasons. :

  • 1st main reason: The cube has a design problem, this issue is rare due to the advances in cube technology, this issue can be fixed by buying a new puzzle, albeit an expensive option.
  • 2nd main reason: The cube is too tight, usually, a user of a cube is not tensioning his or her cube properly, this can be fixed by loosening the cube with the price that it also makes the cube more unstable.

Excellent corner-cutting puzzles currently in 2020

Note: change the text below according to the year and the puzzles that corner-cut well during your time period.

  • Dayan Tengyun V2 Magnetic
  • Gan 356 XS
  • Moyu Weilong GTS 3 Magnetic
  • Gan 356 RS M
  • YJ MGC Elite/V2
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