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Cong's Design (Chinese: 洋葱设计) is a sub-brand of the popular cube manufacturer Moyu. This sub-brand was given by Moyu to the designer of the HuanYing and LiYing, Fei Fucong (费付聪), also known as Cong. All of the Cong's Design releases are designed by Cong.


Cong's Design YueYing 3x3

The YueYing 3x3 is Cong's Design's first ever cube, releasing on Janaury 31, 2015. It is also the third cube in Moyu's "Ying" series.

The YueYing is seen as a LiYing (second cube in the "Ying" series), but with slight modifications and improvements, the most notable being that the corners are squared off in the YueYing. This was most likely done because of the new squared-off corner trend.

Cong's Design MeiYing 3x3

The MeiYing 3x3 is Cong's Design's second 3x3, releasing on May 14, 2015, and being the fourth cube in the "Ying" series.

The MeiYing is seen as a modified YueYing, similar to how the YueYing is seen as a modified LiYing. The MeiYing has two notable differences from the YueYing. First, the external appearance is incredibly similar to a Gans 356, the difference being that the center pieces aren't quite as rounded. Second, the holes in the corners are much bigger than on the YueYing. Though this may help with reverse corner cutting, it also makes the cube more flimsy than the previous "Ying" 3x3s. Most people aren't bothered by this, but there are some who would still prefer the YueYing over the MeiYing because it is a more solid cube.

Cong's Design MeiYu 4x4

The MeiYu 4x4 is Cong's Design's first 4x4. The first batch came out on January 12, 2016, however, these cubes were defective, and the center slices performed horribly. Cong's Design released an updated, non-defective MeiYu on March 17, 2016.

The MeiYu has an odd outer appearance. The corners and edges are squared off, but the centers are quite rounded. This is supposed to make for excellent corner cutting, though this doesn't seem to be the case. Popping also seems to be an issue, and as a result, not many people are impressed with the MeiYu.

Cong's Design MeiChen Skewb

The MeiChen skewb is what appears to be an improved version of the original MoYu Skewb. It released on October 17, 2016, more than two years after Moyu released their first skewb.

The outer appearance is very similar, though the pieces have been rounded off more to help with corner cutting. This skewb is also the second skewb ever to have both an adjustable elasticity system and a stickerless variant.