Christopher "CC" Connolly

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Christopher "CC" Connolly
PugCuber 2021.jpg
Christopher "CC" Connolly in 2021
Background Information
Alias(es): PugCuber
Country: South Africa
Born: 10 February 2005 (age 17)
Occupation(s): High School Student
Years Active: 2016-present
WCA ID: 2017CONN04
Claim to Fame: USA Southern Record OH Single

Christopher Thomas Vuyo Connolly, now known as "CC", is a South-African-Born Canadian speedcuber living in Sugar Land, Texas, USA, whose main events are 3x3 & OH.

CC is hoping to get sponsored by TheCubicle in the near future, and also wants to become a WCA Delegate.


CC got his first cube in Mid-August 2015, and finished learning how to solve it in Mid-August 2016. He learned first layer on his own, second layer from a friend, and third layer from RedKB's tutorial on YouTube [1]. He went to his first competition in April 2017, Don't Mess With Texas 2017 and, according to him, even though he didn't compete, he “still had a lot of fun.” CC competed for the first time later that year at Longhorn Cube Day 2017 and met one of his closest friends, Cameron Burke, who he still talks to today. Since then, CC has competed in every event except for 5x5 Blindfolded. On March 9, 2019, he set the OH Southern Record Single with an 8.74 [2]. On June 1, he got a 38.26 [3] 3x3 with feet single, which was 2nd in Texas. On July 28, he got a 5.97 [4] 3x3 single, currently putting him 6th in Texas.

CC also has a YouTube channel [5], a Twitch channel [6], and a Discord server [7].


  • CC and both of his parents are Left Handed.
  • His mother, Pam, can also solve the cube, and has been cubing since the 80's.
  • CC comes from a very musical background; both he and his parents are musicians. CC aspires to attend the University of Houston and receive a Percussion Performance Master’s Degree.
  • CC also likes learning other languages. He intends to become fluent in French, and learn many other languages as well. He aspires to be like one of his idols, Moses "Laoshu" McCormick, and hoped to possibly even meet him one day, but couldn't due to McCormick's untimely death in Early March 2021.
  • CC and his mom both have Perfect Pitch.


CC is a color-neutral CFOP user.


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