Charlie Stark

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Charlie Stark
Charlie Stark in 2017
Background Information
Alias(es): Randomno, TheRandomno
Country: United Kingdom
Years Active: 2013-present
WCA ID: 2014STAR05
Claim to Fame: Square-1 ERs & WR

Charlie Stark is a British speedcuber. He is one of the world's top Square-1 solvers, with World and European records.

He first reached the top 10 for Square-1 with a 12.57 average in April 2016, then improved from ninth to fifth at the end of the month. In October 2016 he obtained the British national record for Square-1 average, and in November he gained the single national record and beat his own average.

His first European record was with an average of 9.47 seconds at the Birmingham Open 2016 which he improved upon with a 9.07 second average in the second round of the World Championship 2017. He also won the first round of the World Championship, but failed to podium in the final, placing ninth. At the Guildford Open 2017, he achieved his first world record with a 5.73 second single.

At Manchester Open 2018, he tied the European record average with 8.23, and a month later obtained his first world record average with an average of 7.56, the first sub-8.

He is also ranked in the top 100 for 3x3x3 With Feet as of 2018.