Coall method
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Information about the method
Alt Names: KLL, WW, Anti-ZBLL
No. Steps: 4
No. Algs: 63(unique)+21(pll)+27(f2ll w/o mirrors)= 111(all)
Avg Moves: est. 35-50

COALL (Corner Orientation And Last Layer) is an experimental 3x3 method, a ZB variant that orients the last-layer corners when inserting the last F2L pair (Winter Variation). It has no known user. Orienting the corners first, rather the edges like in normal ZB, has the advantage of requiring less algorithms (111 total compared to ZB's 300).

To solve using COALL, solve the cross and three F2L slots using any method. Next, make the last F2L pair and use the Winter Variation to insert it and orient the last-layer corners. Finally, solve EOLL and PLL in one algorithm.


  • Much fewer algorithms than ZB and perhaps as fast
  • Reasonable recognition


  • Relatively large number of cases (111, including 21 PLL)
  • Has some bad algorithms
  • An extra look during Winter Variation

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