Proposer(s): Anthony Brooks
Jack Johnston
Michael Gottlieb
Proposed: 2014
Alt Names:
No. Algs: 27
Avg Moves:
Previous state: third F2L pair
Next state: PLL

third F2L pair -> BLE step -> PLL

The BLE step is the step between the third F2L pair and the PLL.


BLE, short for Brooks Last Edge, is an OLS subset consisting of 27 algorithms for cases in which the last layer has all edges oriented and the last slot's corner piece is solved.

Naming Controversy

Anthony Brooks came up with the idea of BLE independently. However, after publishing the algorithms for the subset, Anthony was contacted by Jack Johnston that him and Michael Gottlieb had already come up with the same idea earlier in the second half of their subset JJLS. Jack and Anthony later came to an agreement that it could be called BLE since Anthony spent more time on it, generated faster algorithms, and Anthony intended BLE to be used in a different way from JJLS.

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