1 Look Line Last Layer (1LLLL)

Proposer(s): JTWong71, Shiver
Proposed: 2016
Alt Names:
Variants: none
Subgroup: unknown
No. Algs: 9 Setup + 17 Line = 26
Avg Moves:
Previous state: F2L-1:EO cube state
Next state: Solved cube state

F2L-1:EO cube state -> 1LLLL step -> Solved cube state

The 1LLLL step is the step between the F2L-1:EO cube state and the Solved cube state.

1LLLL, an abbreviation for 1-Look Line Last Layer, is a subset to meant for solving the last layer (1 look) in 17 algorithms.

1 Look Line Last Layer (1LLLL) 17 algorithms subset

In order to bring the number of cases for the last layer down to 18, (including the solved case) some F2L influence is needed.

Edge orientation needs to be solved before F2L-1, so that the last layer algorithm count goes to 493 (ZBLL).

After that, the last F2L pair is solved along with 3 adjacent last layer pieces (2 corners, 1 edge).

This will bring the amount of cases down to 18, 5 of which are PLLs, and 1 the solved case.

This subset can be used for CFOP like Winter Variation, while ZZ and Petrus can use this as a variant.


I. F2L-1 + EO

II. Make a corner-edge pair that belongs in the U layer and place it in the F2L slot

III. Make the F2L pair without disturbing the pair in the slot

IV. Use a 9-algorithm set to solve the F2L pair and Line last layer


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