+4E edg keyhole

+4E edg keyhole
Alt Names: Adding 4 E Edges using keyhole
No. Algs:
Avg Moves:
Previous state: 1st Layer-1C cube state
Next state: F2L-1C cube state

1st Layer-1C cube state -> +4E edg keyhole step -> F2L-1C cube state

The +4E edg keyhole step is the step between the 1st Layer-1C cube state and the F2L-1C cube state.

Adding 4 E Edges using keyhole, or +4E edg keyhole refers to the substep of some methods that solves the F2L except one corner without counting the 1st Layer-1C part.

Holding the cross on D, place E-layer edges in their position in 3 moves after making a D, D2 or D' setup, not to destroy the 3 corners which are already solved.