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A +2 is a penalty in WCA competitions in which the solver is penalized by adding 2 seconds to their single result.

Albeit rare, competitors can have multiple +2 penalties in a single solve. In that case, the sum of the number of +2 penalties multiplied by 2 seconds is added to the result time (number of +2 penalties * 2 + base time = final time).

Reasons for a +2

A +2 most frequently occurs due to a twisty puzzle being one turn (in OBTM) off from solved after the solver stops the timer. However, a +2 penalty can be given for other reasons as well.

A +2 can be given...

  1. if, when the timer stops, the twisty puzzle is one move from solved in OBTM, but not solved
  2. if the cube does not land on the mat in front of the solver after their solve is complete
  3. if the competitor takes more than 15 seconds but less than 17 seconds for inspection time (if inspection exceeds 17 seconds, it is a DNF)
  4. if the solver doesn't start the StackMat timer with their palms facing down on each side of the timer
  5. if the solver is touching the puzzle and starting the timer at the same time
  6. if the solver doesn't fully release the puzzle once they stop the timer, at the discretion of a judge (otherwise is a DNF)
  7. if the solver doesn't stop the timer using both hands, placed flat on the sensors with palms down
  8. if the solver touches the puzzle after the end of their solve and before the judge inspects it
  9. if a blindfold solver has physical contact with the puzzle before the start of the attempt

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