1. WarriorCatCuber

    Waterman Speedsolving method tutorial

    I've made a waterman method tutorial. I might also make a doc explaining the method if I have time. My video tutorial : More example solves : Doc tutorial : coming soon I would recomment you watch the tutorial first, then the example solves. Woody does some advanced stuff for first layer...
  2. rybaby

    [Unofficial] Waterman Method example solves by Ryan Przybocki

    fedora .... I decided to make this video to show some Waterman solves. I might make more in the future. I think a few people have asked for some walkthroughs in the Waterman discussion thread, and, being one of the only Waterman users around, I decided to make a video. Apologies for the...
  3. crazymanjimbo46

    [Help Thread] Should I switch to Roux?

    Currently I average about 30-35 seconds with 2 look OLL and PLL and intuitive F2L I'm considering switching to roux. Do you think I should?
  4. A

    [Help Thread] What should I learn next?

    I have 22 more OLL's to go before I know full Fridrich. I am wondering in what order should I start introducing the fine techniques? I already do Pieces Stuck in Another Slot and Using Empty Slots intuitively. Should I continue doing these intuitively or should I learn algs for them? When should...