1. joshuastacker

    [WR] 3x3 with feet mo3 28.41 - Gabriel Pereira Campanha

    Gabriel Pereira Campanha for a world record mean of 3 for solving a 3x3 with is feet with the times being 29.72, 26.97, and 28.53. Great job Gabriel :D
  2. yoshinator

    [Unofficial] 29.46 and 28.66 4x4 singles

    2nd best time ever! Woot! And yes, I'm using the Weisu now. My feelings towards it are identical to that of Chris's towards the Weilong.
  3. yoshinator

    [Unofficial] 4x4- 31.68 mo3 with a 29.62 single If only I had more time to practice, I'd be much faster... although probably still slower than Kevin.
  4. yoshinator

    [Unofficial] 2 Shouldhavebeensub-30 4x4 singles (Sub-25 minusLL) Bleh. I suck.
  5. Riley

    [Unofficial] 3BLD - 28.00 single and 35.43 average of 5

    Times and scrambles: The 28.00 was a 8/12 solve with two cycle breaks (one in corners, one in edges). :) Reconstruction of 28.00
  6. Riley

    [Unofficial] 3BLD - 36.03 avg5, 28.84 single

    Average of 5: 36.03 Nice scrambles. The 28.84 starts at 3:38. 28.84 reconstruction:
  7. T

    Proof Reader neeed for Rubik's cube book

    I am a physicist with a CogSci background. Currently I am in the process of re-editing a self published book I wrote several years ago on Rubik's 3x3 speed training program. I don't need super Rubik's cube 3x3 experts, a beginner's point of view would also be very useful. If you are interested...