sebastian weyer

  1. Dylan Swarts

    [WR] Sebastian Weyer - 17.42 4x4 Single

    Well done!
  2. D

    [WR] Sebastian Weyer - 18.25 4x4 single

    The new 4x4 single world record is 18.25 seconds and is now held by Sebastian Weyer. Date: 4. August Time: At around in the second round of 4x4 15:00 Competition: German Nationals There is no video at this point in time.
  3. AmazingCuber

    [WR] Sebastian Weyer 24.67 4x4 single

    Sebastian Weyer just got a 4x4 single WR at Duisburg Winter of 24.76: 5vXfa4wdd8k
  4. leonparfitt

    [Unofficial] 57.74 4x4 single w/ OLL parity

    mIQavXsVAlM this my 6th sub 1 ever and with parity !!