1. Cubingcubecuber

    More ads on mobile

    Did the platform get changed? When I went on a few minutes ago I got many ads. Normally I got one or two ads, at the bottom of the screen. Now I have many large ads clogging the top of the home screen. Note that this was not happening 30 minutes ago. I am using an iPhone 6s
  2. L

    Let's cube timer - the new android timer!!

    Hi! I've developped a new android timer called Let's cube timer! You can find it by tapping his name on google play or following this link : I've already few users (around 60) and all of them said that is the best mobile timer! I've done some updates to improve my app...
  3. Erifdex

    SwitchTile - A New Puzzle for your Touchscreen Device [Android]

    Website | Google Play (Free) | Google Play (Pro) Hello all, So I haven't really ever posted on this site, despite being a member for almost 2 years. (I've not stopped solving puzzles though!) However, I've recently been working on a really simple touchscreen game inspired by the...
  4. patrickjason91

    Rubiks Metro Timer - Windows Phone and Windows 8

    For Windows Phone: For Windows 8: [I will upload the app very soon, since it was made available only to the Philippines Windows Store] I...
  5. DarioRubik

    Best Mobile timers (iOS/Android)+ giveaway
  6. andreccantin

    Palm OS cubing apps

    I was just wondering if anyone has made / knows of / uses any Palm OS cube related apps. Timers, scramblers, whatever. In case anyone's wondering, my Palm is a PalmOne Zire 72s running Palm OS 5.2.8.

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