1. abunickabhi

    What are some specific cognitive gains we can have from blindfold solving?

    I stumbled across an interesting discussion on the memory forums about the effect of blindsolving on the person's mind. Which mental aspect gets trained more and which of this training can be directly felt...
  2. kelseymckenna

    Memory Locations - Fallout New Vegas

    Hey guys! I just thought that I would present an idea for memory locations. I currently use locations that exist in real life. This is fine and it allows me to memorise a good number of cubes, however, most of the locations are in my school or home. They aren't particularly interesting...
  3. U

    How to get used to a DIY after three years of storebrought?

    Well, I just got a Haiyan's Memory today (And please, no one scream at me "THROW THE MEMORY AND GET A GUHONG!") I am not a very good cuber, and my solves with a storebrought average 50 seconds, though my best is 35 sec non lucky. The problem is, the cube is much faster than my storebrought...
  4. N

    Can someone post a thorough comparison of the Dayan Guhong, Lunhui, and Haiyan Memory

    my lingyun pops a lot so i want to get a new cube i dont know if lunhui is better that guhong because the lingyun (according to many reviews) wasnt better than the guhong the modded a - v (haiyan memory) has sanded inner edges to prevent locks and corner cutting like a dayan (but as good) but...
  5. loverthehater

    Haiyan Memory vs. DaYan GuHong

    I'm gonna buy a cube... Which one should i buy and why!
  6. collinbxyz

    Use Mini cube in competition?

    Can you use a min/micro cube in a real competition? Like a micro memory cube or a mini QJ 4x4?
  7. collinbxyz

    Haiyan's Haiyan Cube vs. Haiyan's Memory Cube

    I think (not sure) I am going to get a few new cubes very soon, and I am wondering if I should order the A-6/Haiyan's cube or Haiyan memory? I have not seen any youtube videos comparing, but I really want to get one. I am just about to get A-6, but can anyone try to convince me to get the memory...
  8. Jhong253

    [Help Thread] Blindfolded discussion and help

    Hi everybody, I've been trying to learn Blindfold solving, and I did read couple online tutorials (One from for example). The problem is, I have no idea what the tutorials are talking about and I haven't been able to learn anything so far. How should I start off?
  9. D

    Memory Methods

    I use many memorization methods. This is a small list: I will provide a description of the methods, plus examples of how to use them. Visual Memory Methods: 1. Some of the top notch cubist, such as Leyan Lo, use shapes to remember his blindfolded solves. Leyan also orients pieces. What the...