1. kelseymckenna

    Memory Locations - Fallout New Vegas

    Hey guys! I just thought that I would present an idea for memory locations. I currently use locations that exist in real life. This is fine and it allows me to memorise a good number of cubes, however, most of the locations are in my school or home. They aren't particularly interesting...
  2. U

    How to get used to a DIY after three years of storebrought?

    Well, I just got a Haiyan's Memory today (And please, no one scream at me "THROW THE MEMORY AND GET A GUHONG!") I am not a very good cuber, and my solves with a storebrought average 50 seconds, though my best is 35 sec non lucky. The problem is, the cube is much faster than my storebrought...
  3. N

    Can someone post a thorough comparison of the Dayan Guhong, Lunhui, and Haiyan Memory

    my lingyun pops a lot so i want to get a new cube i dont know if lunhui is better that guhong because the lingyun (according to many reviews) wasnt better than the guhong the modded a - v (haiyan memory) has sanded inner edges to prevent locks and corner cutting like a dayan (but as good) but...
  4. loverthehater

    Haiyan Memory vs. DaYan GuHong

    I'm gonna buy a cube... Which one should i buy and why!
  5. collinbxyz

    Use Mini cube in competition?

    Can you use a min/micro cube in a real competition? Like a micro memory cube or a mini QJ 4x4?
  6. collinbxyz

    Haiyan's Haiyan Cube vs. Haiyan's Memory Cube

    I think (not sure) I am going to get a few new cubes very soon, and I am wondering if I should order the A-6/Haiyan's cube or Haiyan memory? I have not seen any youtube videos comparing, but I really want to get one. I am just about to get A-6, but can anyone try to convince me to get the memory...
  7. Jhong253

    [Help Thread] Blindfolded discussion and help

    Hi everybody, I've been trying to learn Blindfold solving, and I did read couple online tutorials (One from for example). The problem is, I have no idea what the tutorials are talking about and I haven't been able to learn anything so far. How should I start off?
  8. D

    Memory Methods

    I use many memorization methods. This is a small list: I will provide a description of the methods, plus examples of how to use them. Visual Memory Methods: 1. Some of the top notch cubist, such as Leyan Lo, use shapes to remember his blindfolded solves. Leyan also orients pieces. What the...