1. CubeRed

    | CubeReds progression | Road to sub 15 3x3 against CFOP INC | Journey to sub 1 4x4|

    PROGRESSION Road to sub 20 Day 1 Today, I am posting a progression thread to keep my practice regular and plan what to learn and improve. My competition is a day ahead, so I am going to be prepared as best as I can. I will be updating this thread every day Plan: Review all the PLLs I learnt...
  2. CubeRed

    [Member Intro] Ayo, cubing community!!

    Ayo guys. This is my member intro! Very excited to finally join the forums.:D I am an 12 year old cuber from Korea, but I currently live in NZ. Started cubing at about start of school and have been improving ever since! Currently my only event is 3x3 with an average of 22 but I am thinking of...