blindfold techniques

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    The Ayam Method and what intermediate corner BLD method to learn

    Hey everyone! My name is Ayyub and I’ve been cubing on and off for a couple years now. I would categorize myself as a cubing hobbyist rather than someone fully dedicated and super interested in cubing (I average ~20 seconds for anyone curious). I am though completely in love with BLD. I first...
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    A list of edge-cycles

    I'm finally done with my project to trying to find and write down the best (as in fastest) algorithm/commutator for every possible three-cycle, with UF as buffer. Use it as much as you like, but if you find it useful, please help making it more useful, and contribute if you have any better...
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    BLD Megaminx

    I couldn't find information on this topic on the Internet very easily because it seems kind of specialized, so I'm asking here instead. I recently learned 3OP for the cube, and wanted to learn to do the Megaminx. Can anyone tell me how I should do the restricted setup moves? Simply saying...
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    Memory Methods

    I use many memorization methods. This is a small list: I will provide a description of the methods, plus examples of how to use them. Visual Memory Methods: 1. Some of the top notch cubist, such as Leyan Lo, use shapes to remember his blindfolded solves. Leyan also orients pieces. What the...

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